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Kansas City Assassins' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Kansas City Assassins

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Greetings [21 Nov 2001|10:20am]

DarkSoul said something that might have said something like an "assassin" game... as in Steve Jackson, assassin? Neat... I'm in
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[15 Nov 2001|01:51pm]

Just as a note, Brad has completed the judge program that will be managing the game. I'll take a look at it tonight and make a test run on it to see how it works. Dan has agreed to join in on the action, so that makes 3 of us so far. My goal for the first run through is at least 10 people. Let's do some hunting, figure out who will play. I want to off some of you suckers. :-D
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[14 Nov 2001|12:30pm]

Welcome to Assassins, Kansas City. For more information on what Assassins is all about, please visit fantasia
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